Last week, I had my first speaking engagement at a conference! My friend Marlon, who also invited me to my first podcast episode, created a virtual conference in under two weeks and invited me to speak!

It was called NextSteps DevCon, a conference aiming to help students and junior developers find their "next steps" in their engineering careers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marlon had an amazing list of speakers at the conference: engineers at Google, Twitch, Lyft, Netflix... and me?? 🤯

I'm just a kid that works on little projects, most of which fail or never see the light of day. But, I guess that's why he wanted me to talk about my experiences.

I decided that the most meaningful I can speak on is the importance of building projects. While most of my projects don't succeed or see the light of day, I am constantly learning how to become a better programmer, entrepreneur, and marketer. Projects have also given me the opportunity to meet, collaborate with, and even work for some incredible people. For me, working on projects has been one of the most fulfilling and impact thing in my (admittedly short) coding career.

So... that's what I did: The Importance of Building Projects

Setting up for the conference was pretty fun! Our cabin (where I was quarantining at) had pretty bad internet, so I brought all of my equipment down to our house.

While I was a little nervous the monitor would fall down during the talk, everything went well. The setup worked great and I could even have my slides notes on the monitor behind the camera, like a little teleprompter! 😝

I had a great experience both attending and speaking at the conference, and Marlon did a great job organizing it.

After the talk, I got some very helpful feedback from attendees and friends! It was an awesome experience, and I will definitely do it again! Tap the link below to watch the recording 👇🏽

My conference talk